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This was an excellent idea! I liked my fortune teller scene so much I'm including it in my novella "The Plot Thickens"!

 Sémya Slotin looked at the empty shot glass in her hand. She hated having the argumentwith Josh. But he just pissed her off so much with all his secrets that sometimes she just needed to let it out. Now she was standing outside of Skins, his club in Camden Town, across the street from her flat, wearing only a thin blouse with dark leggings…in early April. She was bloody freezing!
She waved back at Polliannah who was skilfully walking her way with her high heels on. She gave her her jacket. “The argument?” she asked with a teasing smile.
“The argument,” Sémya mumbled back to her best friend and put her jacket on. “I don’t want to talk about it…”
“Alright, no talking. Let’s walk instead,” she said and linked her arms around hers.
They started walking toward the canal. “I need a drink and my glass is empty,” Sémya sulked back and showed her the small glass.
“Well, you’re in luck moya lyubov' [1],” she winked back. She opened her purse and playfully waved the bottle of vodka. “I happen to have a spare bottle in my bag.”

Camden Canal by Zoltan Gabor

“Polli you are the best!” Sémya shrieked and led her to a small bench in front of the Regent’s Canal. At this time of the night Camden Town was as vibrant as ever of people walking and happily shouting. She grabbed the bottle and discarded the shot glass…let’s cut the middle man. “Santé[2]!” she cheered and drank straight from the bottle before passing it to Polliannah.
Dlya luchshego zavtra[3]!” Polliannah cheered back before drinking. Sémya rested her head on her shoulder and they silently drank from the bottle.
“Am I hallucinating or is that dodgy woman over there staring at us?” Sémya slurred a little halfway through the bottle. She was going to pay for it in the morning. That was why she was always drinking expensive wine. It was all Heinz’ fault! Was it her turn to open their store in tomorrow morning?
Tsyganka[4]…” Polliannah sat back up and gave the bottle to Sémya. “Three years in this God forsaken neighborhood and we had never seen one. This can’t be good,” she giggled. The vodka was getting to her too.
“So you see her too,” Sémya said while drinking.  “Can we help you…what did you call her Tsyganka?” she yelled. The woman didn’t bulge instead she signaled them to come over with a sadistic smile. “Yeah, that’s not going to happen, Madame!”
The woman laughed back and started to walk their way. “Sud'ba …” she said pointing at them.
“Of course she had to be a Russianspeaking Romani,” Polliannah whispered to Sémya rolling her eyes. “It’s a bit of a contradiction, Romani,” she smirked back.
Sémya frowned back. “What did she say?”
Photography by Zoltan Gabor 
Je peux le dire en français[5],” the woman told her. That spooked Sémya enough to get up taking Polliannah with her. “Enjoy your drinks and cherish your friendship…” She took Polliannah’s hand and put it in Sémya’s. “Plokhaya primeta…sud'ba,” she told them and Polliannah nodded back between hiccups.
En français?” Sémya asked her. It sounded terrifying in Russian.
 Polliannah looked at her with a very serious but drunken expression. “Basically…we’re doomed, Slotin. Plokhaya primeta… a lot of bad mojo and…deaths are coming our way,” she told her.   Sémya nodded back and dragged her away from the scary Romani lady. “We’re already broke. I still can’t find a decent man. What’s more bad luck?” Polliannah laughed.
“I’ll drink to that!” Sémya cheered back before drinking more vodka. They quietly started walking back toward their flat. “It’s all Josh’s fault!” she mumbled and gave Polliannah the bottle.  She looked at the three purposely missed calls from ‘Mother’ on her mobile. “All his fault…”

The Plot Thickens  Copyright  © 2014 Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

[1] My love
[2] Generic toast in French
[3] For better tomorrow!
[4] Gipsy woman
[5] I can say it in French

 Coming out on January 25th 2014!
The Plot Thickens (novella) 
Sémya Slotin Mystery – Book 1.5 

When Polliannah Koch met John Allen, she thought that she had finally found her Prince Charming. But when John Allen set his sight on Polliannah Koch Guryev, he knew his days would be numbered if he wasn’t careful enough. He had a job to do and the beautiful Miss Koch Guryev was his insurance policy. But things got out of hand and he had to leave London for his safety…but not without her.

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Bird Of Prey
Sémya Slotin Mystery – Book 1
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Bird Of Prey (Sémya Slotin Mystery, #1)

After three years of staying away from sleuthing, Sémya Slotin is frown back in the business of solving mysteries when she found her ex’ current flame dead in her brand new home. And to complicate the matter the police think he may have done it.  Sémya might be a little rusty but with the help of new found friends and an old mysterious old one. She vows to see this through.

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  1. Hi Danielle, I enjoyed your entry for the Fortune Teller Blog Hop! The characters are intriguing and I like the setting. Good with this!

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm going to read the others now :) it was so much fun! Thank you for your fantastic idea :)

  3. Danielle, I loved how you set the scene on a bench beside a canal! I could see myself and my best friend with that bottle, encountering a fortune teller. Good job, and thanks for sharing. -- Linda



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