Book Review: It's Just A Little Crush CRUSH by Caroline Fardig

It's Just A Little Crush By Carole Fardig Mystery Romance Release date: January 29, 2013 The sleepy town of Liberty hasn’t seen murder i...

It's Just A Little Crush

By Carole Fardig
Mystery Romance
Release date: January 29, 2013

The sleepy town of Liberty hasn’t seen murder in…well…ever.  Residents are stunned when the body of a young woman is found strangled, and reporters at the Liberty Chronicle are thrilled, rather disturbingly, over the biggest news story to hit town this century.
Lizzie Hart has even bigger problems.  Lately, she can’t seem to concentrate on her job as copy editor at theChronicle with the new hunky investigative reporter, Blake Morgan, swaggering around the office.  How can a girl work when she’s using all of her energy combating Blake-induced hot flashes and struggling to repress the giggly inner schoolgirl that’s constantly rearing her dorky head?  It’s a good thing that Blake barely knows Lizzie exists. 
After an odd string of events, however, Lizzie begins to wonder if Blake is really as fabulous as she has fantasized. When Lizzie and Blake find a co-worker dead, Blake’s personality changes completely—and not in a good way.  Even though the police rule the death as an accident, Lizzie immediately suspects foul play and senses a connection to the recent murder.  She is determined to bring the killer to justice, but is having some trouble getting her Nancy Drew on thanks to the pesky stalker she’s picked up—Blake Morgan.  Wait, didn’t she want him to follow her around and pay attention to her?  Not like this.  Blake has turned from cool and smooth to cold and downright scary, making Lizzie wonder if he should be next on her suspect list. 

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My Review

Hart To Hart... or Morgan?

5 Old fashioned typewriters 

Hotness factor: Somewhere between Michael Buble and Marvin Gaye...

You just gotta love a writer who knows the classics. I grew up on all the 80’s mystery TV shows. They were off the air by the time I was old enough to watch them but it had never stopped the French.  Should I even mention Murder she wrote? I’m sure some of you caught on it A&E once or 100 times, don’t worry ITV3 in London caught the fever too. I even saw the pilot, how many people actually watched the first ever Murder She Wrote? I might be wrong but I think Caroline Fardig did. But my all-time favorite was Remington Steele, it’s the perfect show. 
The reason I am mentioning those very 80’s but very awesome series it’s because Lizzie Hart and Blake Morgan (best possible P.I. name EVER) in some way or another remind me of them. Elizabeth Hart, started the book as Lizzie a 26 years old girl with a high school crush on her co-worker and captain of the football team Blake Morgan (best possible rock star name EVER). As the book is written in first person narrative, you get to experience Lizzie, becoming Elizabeth and Blake Morgan (best possible villain name EVER) becoming more than just the handsome man who make you lose your train of thoughts through her eyes. When the quiet small town of Liberty gets not one but two strange deaths in less than a week, the new duo decides to investigate. Lizzie by snooping around, Blake Morgan (best possible serial killer name EVER) by discreetly following her around. Can you hear the theme music? I can. 
The thing about mystery novels is that you always want to guess who did it. While I was reading the book, I changed my mind more than a couple of times. Caroline did an amazing job toying with us with all the possibilities, lots of craziness in Liberty. But I won’t spoil the ending for you. Lizzie Hart will make you laugh, Blake Morgan (best possible rogue name EVER) will make you sigh and the rest of the town, well you should just see it for yourself.  I highly recommend it and can’t wait for the second installment.

About the Author

CAROLINE FARDIG was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. Her working career has been rather eclectic thus far, with occupations including schoolteacher, church organist, insurance agent, funeral parlor associate, and stay-at-home mom. Finally realizing that she wants to be a writer when she grows up, Caroline has completed her first novel, It’s Just a Little Crush, and is currently hard at work churning out a second novel in the series. She still lives in that same small town with an understanding husband, two sweet kids, two energetic dogs, and one malevolent cat.

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  1. One of my favorite authors reviews another of my favorite authors *and* brings up my favorite 80s tv shows- whoa!

    (And FYI, I totally watched the pilot for Murder, She Wrote!)

    1. Remington Steele? Hart To Hart? or Murder She Wrote?



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