Baby Stetson by Nikki Lynn Barrett Review

Love and Music in Texas meets Coulda Woulda Shoulda Songs... 4 Super Stars **** Hotness factor: Sweet tender luving ... (Barry White Style) ...

Love and Music in Texas meets Coulda Woulda Shoulda Songs...
4 Super Stars ****
Hotness factor: Sweet tender luving... (Barry White Style)

 I stumbled upon Nikki Lynn Barrett quite by accident a couple of weeks ago because the title of the second book of the Love and Music in Texas, The Melody In My Head.  After chatting with her, we realized that our books had a lot in common. It's about music, dreams of success, love, family, secrets... and much much more. Intrigued, I bought the book.

Once again, I skipped the blurb. It's disease, I know, I'll read the one for the next review.

Baby Stetson or Avery is a 32 year old singer with quite the baggage. I just loved the fact that she was my age. So refreshing... She meets Lucas Bennett on her birthday because that's where it's at  and he makes her baggage looks like a clutch.  But women, we love our broken men, we want to nurse them back to life, we want to heal them...we want to make them feel again. We want to be their savior!

I really like Avery and Lucas together but I wonder if Avery bit more than she could chew with broken Lucas. That's a lot of fixing girl!

 I'm looking forward to hear what they have been up to in the second book and meet a Grant  boy I didn't create :)

Now why is this not a five Mega Star***** review? Well Nikki, you go Nashville on me in the next books and I'll even steal a few Country Grammys for you!
I recommend, I recommend, I recommend...


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  1. Lol....I love your writing style! Had me chuckling! Ahh, Avery didn't bite off more than she can chew. She's strong, and Lucas has gone through a lot of better changes because of her. :)

    I still stick to the idea our books must be soul mates! Thank you for your review :)



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