The Winemaker by Charmaine Pauls review

It's a supernatural romance, it's a telenovela's The Winemaker! 4.5 estrellas! (stars)   Hot ness factor: It makes you beg...

It's a supernatural romance, it's a telenovela's The Winemaker!
4.5 estrellas! (stars)

 Hotness factor: It makes you beg for it and when it finally comes...Madre de dio! 
I received a copy of The Winemaker in exchange of an honest review.

I read the blurb this time! And without giving away too many spoilers it didn't prepare me for The Winemaker. First off I have to get this out of the way say: I love wine and I would move to a winery with my own winemaker if I could. I googled the Gallo family a few times!

The Winemaker started off as a regular contemporary romance with Zenobia being dumped by her Chilean boyfriend (hurrah for the international setting!) and the dashing Etan aka The Winemaker coming to the rescue. After that so many things happened I felt like I was reading several books. The surprising supernatural storyline and the dialogues...the dialogues! I like the fresh dialogues; the jargon sounded familiar to me but foreign at the same time. You see, I grew up in Central Africa and we are avid telenovelas watchers. I still watch a few of them in Spanish sometimes. Charmaine Pauls made brothers Etan and Luca's dialogues sound authentic!
And just like that, I completely surrender to my new favorite telenovela .Pure delight and guilty pleasure!
  The will they, won't they...the pace of the story made you feel like you were watching several juicy episodes... Etan and Zenobia's torture looks, emotions, passion...the love triangle... you name it Charmaine Pauls brought it!

I recommend!

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Check out Charmaine Pauls' interview.


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