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What does Author Trista Jaszczak  want us to know about her? As a woman, what drives you?  My husband for sure. 9 years and he’s still doing...

What does Author Trista Jaszczak want us to know about her?

As a woman, what drives you? 
My husband for sure. 9 years and he’s still doing something right. He’s deployed right now…so he’s got to be doing something right, haha. 

Can you tell us about The Shoe and The Believe Series? 
The Believe Series as a whole are all fairy tale retellings. Of course, they revolve around what else…romance. The Shoe, book 2 in 16 (planned) book series is my retelling of Cinderella. Throw in two fairy Godfathers, a pair of Louboutins, a masked ball, and one sexy rock star and you have the formula for my Cinderella. 

Happy Ever After or Happy For Now? Why? 
Happily Ever After. I love fairy tales and the one thing you can always be sure of, is that no matter how choppy things get, you’ll have a happily ever after. I’m a hopeless romantic. 

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in your books? 
Quite a bit. Especially in the Believe Series. Every female lead has a tiny bit of me in her. Part of Red’s past (Little Red), Blair’s insecurities (The Shoe), and Elle’s love of books (Beauty and the Biker).

Describe yourself in five words…
sassy, sexy, creative, funny, wild.

(In your humble opinion) best and worst book to movie adaptations… 
Best that I’ve seen in a while was the Hunger Games. I was very pleased. Worst…I wasn’t a fan of Something Borrowed on the big screen. Cute, but not what I expected. 

Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track? 
You know, I have a rough idea, I create the characters and they honestly do whatever they want, go where they want to go. I know I’m the writer but I have no control of them at times, haha. 

If you were a character in your book you would be… 
Red. She’s strong but vulnerable. Doesn’t take crap from anyone and takes over her own life. 

Sex And The City…which character would you be? And not be… 
I would be Carrie. Writer. Closet. Shoes. Big. Haha. Definitely me. I wouldn’t be Miranda. I watched from the beginning, read the book, watched the movies…I could never relate to her as much as Carrie or the others. 

When were you first published? How were you discovered? 
I first self-published in 2010 and 2012. I wasn’t really picked up by a publisher until this year.  I had completed the first 5 of the Believe series and was really pitching it to all the publishers that I thought it would be a fit for. I wasn’t sure if I would hear back from any of them…so when I heard from 10 wanting it, I was completely mind blown. When I began the book tour for Little Red is when things really started to move and people started hearing about the books. To say I’m thankful is an understatement. 

Time for over and under… (In your humble opinion) famous overrated/underrated book? 
Overrated book: 50 Shades, just one of those that I tried and it just left me with a blank stare, haha, sorry. Underrated: Blue is for Nightmares (series) I read them a few years back and holy moly, I loved them! But, no one I know has ever heard of them! 

Overrated/underrated movie? Overrated: 
Going with Avatar. To me is Pocahontas with blue people, haha. Underrated: The Monster Squad. I played that VHS as a kid until the tape was destroyed. 

Time for favourite: song, color, book, TV series, movie, food, drink… 
“Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey, Pink, too many books, haha, Supernatural, The Monster Squad/The Goonies, kale chips, and infused apple cinnamon water. 

How (or when) do you decide that you are finished writing a story?
 The characters lead me to an end and somehow I just know that it’s time to let go and say goodbye. 

People are always asking me this so I’m paying it forward. Where does your inspiration come from? 
Songs, my daughters, my husband, things I see, my friends, even a pair of shoes. When the right idea hits, it strikes hard. 

What are you working on right now? 
Working on a few spin-offs in the Believe series. I have Beyond The Shoe and the Big Bad 6 novella set. 

Danielle-Claude Indie Books Reviews "EXCLUSIVE" , a small sit down with Mr&Mrs Derek Hunter and the rest of the Huntsmen…

I'll be brief. I know the both of you want to go back to your Blair, Mrs. Derek Hunter. You're now a Huntswoman. How are you adjusting?
Blair - It’s very…different. The press, well, they can be insane and schedules can be hectic. Derek is helping me adjust to the press and Max is helping me with everything else. Derek has made sure that I am a huge part of everything so I go where the band goes. I’m sure it’ll get crazy and completely chaotic…but worth it. Might take some time to get used to the cameras in my face all the time, though. That’s a little odd. 
Derek - The cameras follow her now because out of all of us she’s the most photogenic.
Blair - *blushes*
Sean - Will they ever quit?

Derek this one is for you... your first fight with your wife.
Derek Haha! I’m pretty sure it was packing for the honeymoon. I had one suitcase and one carry on. Blair, here had about fifteen bags and a carry-on.
Blair - He’s exaggerating, it was three bags and one carry one
Derek - Point made, she had three bags. All kept telling her was, “it’s our honeymoon, do you really think we’re keeping our clothes on anyways?” I didn’t just say that…honestly, four bags.
Blair - Trust me, if Christian and Anthony had packed it would have been fifteen bags, haha!
Blair, Prince Charming can’t be this perfect. What are Derek’s most annoying habits? 
Blair -  I love you Derek, I really do…but this man cannot do laundry to save his life. It drives me nuts, haha. He’s tried washing silk blouses, turned a white blouse red, I really thought Christian was going to have a heart attack. 

Lads (rest of the band), any plans on finding your Princesses anytime soon?
Ty - I am actually dating Blair’s best friend Lyndsey, haha. Didn’t plan it, but she was Blair’s maid-of-honor, one thing lead to another.
Derek - One thing lead to the coat room, haha.
Ty - If I do remember, you two were sneaking off in there, too.
Derek - My phone does have an Otterbox now.
Sean - If I meet someone who makes me act like this, someone video it, this is good stuff. Am I looking? Not really. I figure I need to sit back and wait now. I guess I’ve had my share of fun. These guys had their ladies just come to them…so, I guess I’m waiting.
Richie - It’s hard to really date when you live a life like this. It’s hard to tell who’s genuine and who’s in it for the fame and glory. Like Sean said, I think I’m sitting back and waiting too.

And finally, Max, the best manager in the business. How are you handing all this?
Max - Do you want one of them? Because I’ll sell them to you, real cheap.
Sean - I resent that.

Max - Haha, in all honesty, I love these boys, they’re like my sons. Somehow, I’ve managed to gain two daughters who are best friends. Is it crazy? Yes. Are they making me go gray? Yes. Derek…it would take a tornado to rip him away from Blair. I do well to get him on stage. Blair…she’s like the daughter I never had. She is genuine and just a sweetheart. Derek makes sure she’s pampered if she wants, of course. And, I give her a  lot of credit, because she puts up with those three *motions to Sean, Ty and Richie* They give her a run for her money but she dishes it right back. And, while they might drive me up the wall, Sean, Ty and Richie, like Derek, they’re like my sons. Thank God I have Blair now though, I don’t feel so outnumbered. They are hard workers and Derek is already working on songs for their 4th album “Beyond” you can expect to hear back from the Huntsmen, that’s for sure. Maybe by then we’ll hear the pitter patter of little feet. 
Ty - Are we getting a puppy?
Max - *shakes head* See…you see what I mean? 

Thank you so much taking the time out your busy schedule for this small interview! And congratulation again!
Blair - And, thank you for having us! We truly appreciate you having us for our interview. 

Title – THE SHOE 

Series – The Believe Series – Book #2
Author – Trista Jaszczak
Genre – Romance, fairy tale retelling
Publication Date – 8 August 2013
Publisher – Front Porch Romance 
Cover Artist – Designs by Charisma


All Blair Miller has ever wanted was to study fashion in New York City. But as one door closed for her, another door opened. A bright and beautiful door that led her straight to a job at celebrity frequented, high end fashion boutique, ATTRAYANT, where she has now worked for years. When an invitation arrives for a masked ball that is being thrown to celebrate a world famous rock band’s new album, Blair finds herself being transformed into Cinderella for the night. When Blair not only falls for Prince of Rock, Hunter but also loses a precious $8,000.00 shoe, she finds herself in possibly the biggest mess of her entire life. How can she reveal who and what she really is to Prince Charming? How can she afford to replace such an expensive shoe? With the help of her two “Fairy God Fathers” who are pushing for her happily ever after…anything could happen.

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My Review of The Shoe

My kingdom for my own Prince Charming! 

4 Dazzling stars!
Hotness factor: R.O.M.A.N.C.E. (Old school)

I should have been a better friend! Then my friends would send me to an exclusive party in Soho (London) and I would met my rock star, forgot my Aldo pumps or favorite Guess shoe there...London streets are a bit fifthly but it's for true love!
Blair, Blair Blair... in this Cinderella tale with a twist she meets her Prince Charming Derek, a rock star and it is L.O.V.E. at the first sight but I'm going to say on his part more than hers... I mean she didn't even put out and he went all stalker mode on her! Derek, Derek, Derek, it wasn’t creepy because you're famous otherwise... Blair, please get the restraining order ready! LOL
The story was really sweet, I don't think I've ever read a book about a man so ... into a woman in a very long time. It was really refreshing!  The paparazzi and press debacle was right on trend. Trista made a smart point to show the good and bad side of fame, putting a good reality spin on his lovely fairy tale.
Aww… and the fairy godfathers! From now on I’m going to be a better friend!
I highly recommend!


Trista Jaszczak (pronounced jazz-ick) is an Air Force wife and  mother of two who is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. She's published 4 novels so far and written more than 30. She has a deep passion for writing, music, her guitar, her kids and her four-legged babies. 


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