Spotlight: The Ages of Love by Nicole Hayden

The Ages of Love by Nicole Hayden Blurb: Taylor Wilson is pretty content with her life. She may be single and nearly 30, but that’s okay. Sh...

The Ages of Love
by Nicole Hayden

Taylor Wilson is pretty content with her life. She may be single and nearly 30, but that’s okay. She has her teaching career, her friends, and her family. Love will come sooner or later and, boy, does it ever.
Josh Brody is a wonderful man, but he’s also a man that happens to be seven years younger than her and that’s just one of the reasons they shouldn’t be together. During a night of storms a love emerges that defies all the rules but can Taylor and Josh withstand the challenges that come with it? Will true love prevail or will an unknown enemy and the threat of scandal keep them apart forever? 


Taylor felt her body respond to Josh’s kiss, even though her mind was screaming no. Her eyelids fluttered and then closed as his mouth moved gently over hers, soft and sweet, yet at the same time very hot. Her thoughts swirled chaotically, her hands clenching and unclenching behind his back as he worked his magic on her mouth.
His hands settled on her hips and pulled her closer, their bodies touching from head-to-toe as the kiss deepened. Finally, the tenderness of his kiss dissolved the wall of resistance she was trying so desperately to keep between them, and, with a soft sigh, her lips parted allowing his tongue to enter where hers tentatively met his, sending a shudder through them both. Taylor would be lying to herself if she said she hadn’t thought about this, but nothing could ever compare to the real thing
Her heart raced in her chest, and her breathing grew ragged as he gently massaged her hips with his hands, before moving them to the small of her back and slowly down to cup her buttocks, bringing her even closer against him and the hard evidence of his desire.
And it was his very obvious desire for her that jolted her back to her senses. Shame washed through her as she backed away from him, her hands pressed against her hot cheeks. 'Oh my God, what was she doing?
“Taylor...” His voice was husky with desire and the heat in his hazel eyes scorched her with its intensity.
Whirling around she stared at the wall, unable to face him and what she’d done, her shaky hands threaded through her hair, pushing it back from her face. She was friends with his mother, for goodness sake. This couldn’t be happening. She closed her eyes as she felt him move closer.
“Don’t,” she whispered, battling to get her conflicting emotions under control. If he touched her again... now… she didn’t know what would happen.
He didn’t listen and his warm hands settled on her shoulders, squeezing lightly. Gently he turned her around, but she kept her eyes tightly closed, unable to face him and the disappointment that was sure to be there.
His mouth captured hers once again, and her eyes flew open only to meet his twinkling hazel gaze. He grinned against her mouth and pulled back. “I thought that might get your attention.”

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What people are saying about ‘The Ages of Love’.

~5.0 out of 5 stars Funny, touching, and loved the small town feeling!~
Loved the humor in this book! Laughed out loud at times. The small town feeling and secondary characters in this book are wonderful. Reminded me of people I know and love. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is almost palpable. Very sexy! If you love a good laugh mixed with a touch of mystery and soul-wrenching love, you will love this book. I did! Definitely recommend.

~5.0 out of 5 stars The Ages of Love.~
I truly love this book! I don't usually like romance but this one I could not put down! I felt like I was there with the characters. This book made me laugh and cry


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