Author Spotlight: The Arrival (Rainbow Falls Series - Book One) by Janelle Lee

THE ARRIVAL By Janelle Lee (Book One)   Blurb:  Amy Barrett’s arrival in Rainbow Falls was supposed to be simple as it was short. But when s...

By Janelle Lee
(Book One)

 Blurb: Amy Barrett’s arrival in Rainbow Falls was supposed to be simple as it was short. But when she arrived to conduct her business and was ready to leave again, she realized even the    best laid plans hit a snag from the outset. Amy is stuck in a town she couldn’t find on her map and now she doesn’t seem to be able to find her way out either.

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Her stranger had killer looks. He was handsome, clean cut and wearing sturdy built for comfort boots. He looked normal. She supposed most serial killers could be described as being normal.
She didn’t care if she did become a victim of a highway madman, she just wanted it to be over. Even the thought of a deadly liaison with a serial killer didn’t faze her, actually she was beginning to feel it maybe her only answer. She had been travelling for two days through Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. Now finally Wyoming and she had enough. : Should read, feel it might be her only answer
Amy had almost given up when she got halfway across Iowa and the car began to give her grief. The air conditioner had packed it in and the continual clunking sound made itself known every few minutes. The heat had her perspiring, while the constant noise had her gritting her teeth. By the time she crossed into Nebraska, she was ready to abandon the car then kick the crap out of it and to hell with the deposit and her designer shoes.
The car was as fickle as her mood. She started out feeling quite confident that she could do the job, but a combination of car trouble and lack of proper sleep had her confidence ebbing away with each miserable mile.
Amy stared at the stranger as he took a few steps towards her. Common sense prevailed and she preferred not to have to deal with a serial killer. She made sure her window was up with only an inch separating her from a possibly slow and painful death.
She couldn’t be murdered through an inch gap could she? She rolled her eyes at her absurd question. He probably had a gun. The car window wouldn’t be bullet proof. It didn’t even have working air conditioning.

The Author 
I have a number of titles published with Front Porch Romance: Rainbow Falls 1 and 2 with 3 due out in early 2014, Darcy's Dilemma, Relinquishing Christmas, Boots, Bullets & Buckets, Rescue Me, Pigeon Pair & Sail Away. Also in 2014 my first title Paragon, a thriller/ suspense, will be published with Front Porch Reads. I am super excited about that. As I can't seem to keep away from Rainbow Falls I am working on a fourth. I have to say in the romance department the Rainbow Falls series is my favorite. The first, titled ‘The Arrival’ sees Amy Barrett's arrival to Rainbow Falls.


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