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Lucky 13! Ever since my daughter was born on October 13 th , I’ve considered thirteen to be a lucky number, and 2013 has certainly lived up ...

Lucky 13!

Ever since my daughter was born on October 13th, I’ve considered thirteen to be a lucky number, and 2013 has certainly lived up to that belief. It’s been a great year for me as an author!
In February, my first book, ‘The Rebel’s Promise’ was published by Front Porch Romance. This was followed in June by ‘The Corsair’s Revenge’ and in December by ‘An Improper Lady’. These three books are historical romances set during the Georgian era. They are the Powder and Patch Series and there are characters who appear in all three.
While these exciting things were happening with Front Porch Romance, I was also writing a Gothic novel with all of the traditional elements of dark secrets, brooding characters and an atmospheric setting. I didn’t know, when I started the book, that HarlequinE were looking for ‘new gothics’ for their Shivers line. When I read an interview with Malle Vallik, Director of Editorial Digital Initiatives at Harlequin, saying ‘send us your gothics!’ I did just that. Then I sat back to wait the 14 weeks it suggests in the guidelines. Imagine my surprise when, just a week later, I got ‘the call’ from Malle telling me how much the team at HarlequinE loved my book!
Now, I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of my first HarlequinE Shivers book ‘Legacy of Darkness’ which will be published in a four book digital box set on 6th January 2014.  My fellow authors, Barbara J. Hancock, Dawn Brown and Jenna Ryan have written awesome Shivers books as part of this launch. I’m delighted to be part of such a talented line up. ‘Four beguiling stories, one great price!’ is our tag-line and our Amazon blurb reads:
‘Lose yourself in four eerie, atmospheric tales of romance…and revenge. In a decaying mansion, a ghostly presence refuses to relinquish the artist she's long haunted to a new lover and muse. In an ancient Cornish castle, an innocent woman may be sacrificed to a family's legacy of madness. On the fringes of a Welsh estate, a vengeful figure targets the long-lost daughter of a cursed clan. In the Louisiana bayou, a serial killer hunts the one woman who can bring his demonic crimes to light. If you love Gothics by Victoria Holt, Daphne du Maurier and Barbara Michaels, and enjoy dark romance, then delve into the new Shivers Collection. Mood, mystery … romance that makes you shiver. Look for more titles coming in April 2014.’
So what does 2014 hold in store for Jane Godman? Well, the sequel to ‘Legacy of Darkness’ (‘Echoes of Darkness’) will be part of the April 2014 Shivers box set and I am working on Book Three in the series right now. I also have a stand alone Shivers title, Valley of Nightmares, which is currently scheduled for publication in October 2014 and I have several ideas for gothics, and a few other lines, in mind. Enough to make 2014 another busy year!
I’m often asked the question ‘what is the difference between a gothic romance and a paranormal romance?’. Gothics may have elements of the supernatural, horror or unexplained such as ghosts or reincarnation, but they are not paranormal romances. Generally, in a gothic, the main protagonist is human. In a Jane Godman Shivers, you can expect:
1.           A dark, gloomy and atmospheric setting.
2.           A feisty heroine who pushes the boundaries.
3.           A hero you fall in love with …
4.           And a villain you fall in love with (for different reasons)
5.           Dark secrets, the past comes back to haunt the present.
6.           High levels of sensuality, the shivers don’t come just from the unexplained!
I’d love to hear what you think of our HarlequinE Shivers box set!

Legacy of Darkness
1837 Cornwall, England
Orphaned, penniless and reduced to the role of lady’s companion, Lucy Alleyne is relieved when a distant relation spirits her away to Castle Athal. But gratitude soon gives way to fear—and unlooked-for pleasure.
The ancient Cornish castle is a dark monument to family, fortune and infamy. Within its walls, the Jago family keeps its wards close…and its secrets closer. As soon as Lucy arrives at her new home, she is drawn to Tynan, Earl of Athal. Although the young lord is handsome and caring, he is tortured by mental illness, like his father before him. They share a meeting of souls which is completely opposite to her very physical response to Tynan's uncle, Uther: a commanding, seductive presence whose leonine power radiates from his every word and gesture.
These two Jago men have innocent Lucy enthralled: mind, soul and body. But if she remains within the poisonous castle keep, with its history of ill-starred passion and madness, a mere broken heart will seem a mercy.

The Powder and Patch Collection

Book One ‘The Rebel’s Promise’
In December 1745, Jacobite troops, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie, march on Derby intent on seizing the throne. Rosie Delacourt’s quiet existence is thrown into turmoil when she rescues a rebel lord from certain death. A passionate attachment blossoms but there is a price on Jack’s head and he must flee the country. Before he leaves, he makes Rosie a promise that he will return and claim her as his bride.
Rosie believes that Jack has been killed in battle at Culloden. She is threatened with ruin and forced into a distasteful betrothal with her ruthless neighbour, Sir Clive Sheridan. When Jack returns, he is unable to hide the anguish he feels at her betrayal ... and Rosie dare not risk both their lives by telling him the truth. They inhabit the same privileged world of balls, routs and parties, but it seems the only feelings which remain between Jack and Rosie now are bitterness and anger. When danger throws them together again, however, they are reminded of the tenderness they once shared.

Book Two ‘The Corsair’s Revenge’
Caro Trelawn has no idea why she has been kidnapped on the way to her wedding.
She is taken prisoner aboard a pirate galleon by the notorious brigand known as Le Corsaire, a man who seems strangely familiar.
When Laurent Bergeron, Comte de St Valier, succumbs to a vengeful impulse and abducts Caro, he does not bargain on the impact his feisty captive has on him. From the minute they set eyes on each other, their relationship is volatile and fiery. Try as he might to keep his distance, Laurent cannot resist the passion that sizzles between them. So how will he react when Caro succeeds in escaping from him?
Caro’s journey takes her from the wild Cornish coast to the elegant salons of Paris and ends, with a shocking denouement, in the slums of London’s St Giles.  In The Corsair’s Revenge, we meet some familiar faces from Jane Godman’s first novel, The Rebel’s Promise.

Book Three ‘An Improper Lady’
Lady Isabella Cavendish is the most beautiful, and the most scandalous, woman in England. The powdered, scented fops who frequent London’s ballrooms are definitely not Bella’s style … but there is something different about Sir Peregrine Pomeroy. There is a sizzling attraction between them, but Perry seems oddly reluctant to consummate their mutual passion. 
He finally confesses that he is in love with Bella, and that nothing less than marriage will do for him.
But there are dark secrets in Bella’s past and she is not prepared to bring dishonour to Perry’s proud name. She tells him she is happy to be his mistress, but she will not marry him.
The impasse continues until they are snowbound at a Christmas house party. Perry challenges Bella to a game of billiards. He insists on a forfeit. If he wins Bella will become his mistress. If Bella wins, she must agree to marry him.

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Harlequin Shivers Box Set on Amazon:
The Rebel’s Promise on Amazon:
The Rebel’s Promise on FPR:
The Corsair’s Revenge on Amazon:
The Corsair’s Revenge on FPR:
An Improper Lady on Amazon:
An Improper Lady on FPR:

Jane Godman Author Bio
I am an avid reader of historical romances, and have always enjoyed writing (I still have a copy of the medieval novel I wrote, in felt tip pen, aged 14!).
My Powder and Patch romances, published by Front Porch Romance, are set in the Georgian era - from the wild passion of the Jacobite rebellion to the charm and formality of the Regency - with heroes and heroines you fall instantly in love with, fascinating and amusing supporting characters and luscious settings.
I also love the darker side of the romance novel and I write Gothic mystery/romance books for HarlequinE as part of their ‘Shivers’ line.
I live in England and love to travel to European cities which are steeped in history and romance. Venice, Dubrovnik and Vienna are amongst my favourites. I am a teacher, married to a lovely man, mum to two grown up children and slave to a spoilt-brat cat.
I love to hear from readers and can be contacted at:


Jane Goodman 3183818315522006561

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  1. Thank you for inviting me onto your blog and for a great post.
    Jane Godman



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