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Synopsis 18+ Adult themes Robert would have done anything for Liz, even let her go when she claimed she needed to be alone. With his life in...


18+ Adult themes
Robert would have done anything for Liz, even let her go when she claimed she needed to be alone. With his life in shambles, he dove into his work as a Silver Council enforcer.
Liz never fit in, but to protect her first love, she walked away when a wild burst of magic nearly killed him. Tremaine found her, and helped her put her life back together.
The man who tore her world apart awakes from a 21 year slumber with revenge on his mind. Nothing will stop James from tearing the power from Liz’s body.
After learning James is alive, Robert rushes to Liz and bands together with Tremaine to keep her safe. Facing her worst fears Liz realizes she can only fall apart or fall into place.

** Spoiler/Fair Warning **
The romance winds up in a permanent threesome

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My Review
Falling for Liz
4.5 stars
Hotness factor: pushing the envelope…

Where should I even start? This wasn’t what I was expected at all. Brandy L Rivers is wonderful author. She managed to write two very different books in Falling Into Place. I was tempted to write two reviews, then I remember how lazy I can be…

I read this book in one sitting, slept and probably dreamt about it. Woke up and kept thinking about it. It was the best two parts miniseries I’ve “watched” this year. I hope the Power To Be can hear this!

Falling Apart, part one, is my favourite part of the book, the origin story of so many of the Others of Edenton characters. You take away the fact that they don’t really age (so jealous), are all gorgeous (still jealous) and they are supernatural being (mo’power mo’problem), they have the same problems we mere humans/mortals have. Difficult childhood, strange foster family, boarding schools, abuses, thirst for power… all of it make Falling Apart a different book from any other paranormal stories I’ve ever read. The dialogue is softer, the characters are driven and fresh and women are wearing corsets! I kid you not there were no swearing until the last few pages!

 It’s mostly Liz’s story, she’s a survivor who had to overcome a lot at the very young age and was lucky enough to meet her avenging angel, Tremaine. From the first page, he stole the entire book and when tragedy strikes again at the end of part one and Liz walked away from her love Robert, he was there to pick up the pieces. Yeah, I know I have a small crush on Tremaine, who could blame me?

Part two, Falling Into Place, feels more like the other books from The Others Of Edenton series… or not. Because… then they were three! Liz, Tremaine and… Robert, Liz took him back or was it Tremaine? The swearing is back, the ass kicking is better than ever, there is a revenge plot going on (isn’t it always!) and the sex is awesome and hot! Or so I’ve read.

As much as I enjoyed those three together, I didn’t like the fact that sometimes they were trying to get everyone on board with their decision or even us the readers for that matter. We read the warning label, we knew it was going to happen, we braced ourselves for it, DVR our favourite shows and made some popcorn, no more convincing was needed.

Falling Into Place is a wonderful book about surviving the worst thing that could happen to you and I’m not just talking about Liz. She’s been through hell more than once but other characters in this book have greatly suffered. She was lucky enough to have not one but two men in her life to help her even if I think that Tremaine will end up being the alpha in this triad and favor Robert (just kidding). I love this book! Oh and Fallon and Brody from In Too Deep is getting married! I RSVP J, did you read that Brandy L Rivers, I’ve RSVP…

About the Author
I've always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing. I'm working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.
I'm a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.



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