Stupid Movies we love blog hop... can you say ZOOLANDER

This post is a little late… I was sick last week and decided to indulge in Korean soap operas instead of blogging.  Mea Culpa ! These shows...

This post is a little late… I was sick last week and decided to indulge in Korean soap operas instead of blogging. Mea Culpa! These shows are addictive but this is for another time…

Now it’s Monday Funday, I’m back to work and ready to talk about my addition to stupid movies. I still can’t believe no one mentioned Clueless. I mean just the title said it all, right? This movie in French or in English was spectacular and so over the top you just had to love it. So a little wink to Alicia Silverstone as Cher, with her coolest and oddest outfits, her driving without a permit, all that and still maintaining a high GPA. As if… I do have to ask, is there really a course called debate in US high schools? My other question is WHY??? You can have a debate  anytime you do not need a course for it.
But enough about Cher and her not so Scooby gang. I really wanted to do this about all things Ben Stiller. I’m not a Ben Stiller fan. I even sometimes think that he is not funny at all but when he just immerses himself into a character, most of the time a really dumb one, it becomes pure genius.  My favorite over the top character: Derek Zoolander, my favorite Ben Stiller movie:  Zoolander (2001)Tropic Thunder (2008) is my very close second.

Zoolander is as stupid as it gets as a movie and character. Ben Stiller is first of all too short and a little stocky to be a model. I was a teenager in the nineties aka the best area for male supermodels.  Then you have as a rival supermodel Owen Wilson and his sexy but broken nose… That Hanzel, he’s so hot right now!

The premise of the movie is completely ludicrous and I haven’t seen a movie with so many stars, yes stars, not celebrities in them. Stars know how to make fun themselves. They all committed to their roles and the plot that’s why I love this movie so much. This is the key of a “stupid” movie for me: have fun doing it, don’t take it too seriously but act your butt off anyway. Those are the movies you remember and want to watch over and over again.
I still think Mugatu is one of Will Ferrell’s best characters. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a Walkoff after watching Zoolander? And those looks… How many times have you tried Magnum in the mirror in the past 13 years? Don’t lie, you know you tried at least a hundred times. Has anyone noticed that Justin Theroux, who co-wrote Tropic Thunder, was the evil DJ with the phone in his creepy long nail?

Yes, Zoolander wasn’t about winning an Oscar® or a Golden Globe®, it was about making you laugh and having a good time, turning your brains off for 90 minutes and RELAX…

I can’t write this post without mentioning the Stiller Gang: The Wilson Brothers, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Justin Theroux and lots great actors. They have been entertaining us all through the past decades and we love them for it. Now… who wants to see a movie with Sandler Gang and the Stiller Gang? Coming in a theatre near you by 2020!!! I kid you not.


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  1. Anonymous9:04 am

    Favorite scene from Zoolander: Billy Zane standing alone in a room, very solemnly stating, "It's a walk off!"

    My whole family loves Clueless! My oldest was 1.5 when it came out, and she was as jumpy as most little toddlers. But this movie was so fun and bright that she sat transfixed in the movie theater for the whole 90-odd minutes that it was on. And it took me years to adjust to the fact that Paul Rudd was a comedic actor and not generally an earnest romantic lead; even in Anchorman I was like, sniff, aren't you going to be charming?

  2. For some reason Google + seemed very upset I was trying to view this post... something about adult content...
    Anyway, first time I saw Zoolander I got bored and turned it off. Stupid movies often have that effect on me. But watched the film recently and really enjoyed the sheer utter stupidity of it. Stiller at his acting best (and I agree - Tropic Thunder is a very close second!)



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