Spotlight: Meet the characters of the Holiday Magic Series by Susanne Matthews and Misty Matthews

Holiday Magic is a series of books, each one focusing around a specific holiday theme. Book One, Holiday Magic , Second Chance is a reunion ...

Holiday Magicis a series of books, each one focusing around a specific holiday theme. Book One, Holiday Magic, Second Chanceis a reunion story. Book Two, The Perfect Choice is about honesty, trust, and true love. Both Book One and Book Two celebrate Christmas.

It’s time to meet the main characters in each book:

Holiday Magic, Book One, Second Chance

Georgia Baxter

Good morning. I’m Georgia, the older twin, and as different from my sister as night and day.  I’ve spent the last three years in New York City, hiding from life, trying to mend my broken heart, and pick up the pieces of my shattered life. I’ve built up an excellent custom design jewelry business, Delicate Designs, where I specialize in large coat pins. I decided a few weeks ago to go back home. I miss my sister and trying to forget the man who hurt me so badly isn’t working. While I’m not convinced it’s the right thing to do, I’d planned to go home after the New Year, and give it a try. Funny how things work out. Eleni needs me to look after her business while she’s away working on a big contract, so I’ve sold my condo, packed up what I wanted and I’m heading to Philadelphia before Thanksgiving to give her the help she needs.  I guess that’s what big sisters do, regardless of how painful it might be. My ex-fiancé is her business partner, but Eleni promises we’ll have minimal contact. I hate to admit it even to myself, but despite the way he hurt me, I still love him.

Mark Anderson

Hi there. Mark Anderson at your service. I’m the owner of Anderson Security, an established personal security firm, and Eleni’s partner in Holiday Magic, the special events business she runs. I do the books and help out with some of the higher end events and weddings. I’m also a first class shmuck. I got wasted at my bachelor party and ended up in bed with one of the bridesmaids. Georgia, my fiancée, walked in and found us that way—naked of course. She cancelled the wedding and left town. I can’t blame her. I’ve tried to figure out what happened, but my memory is a blank. I’ll never stop loving her, but I don’t deserve her forgiveness.  I haven’t dated since that night. I still live in our apartment surrounded by the things we’d purchased. This is my punishment—knowing there’ll never be the future we had planned. Eleni’s coming to see me this morning. I wonder who she roped into managing the business while she’s away?

The Perfect Choice, Holiday Magic, Book Two

Eleni Baxter

Well hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Eleni, Georgia’s sister, and I’m so excited she’s agreed to come home and help me out. For a minute there, I thought she might bail, but she’s always been a trooper. I sometimes leap before I look, and I didn’t realize some of the ramifications of the contract I’d signed until after I’d signed it. I was chosen to be Ocean Front Casino’s exclusive special events coordinator for the holiday season—Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day—and I’m all excited about it—well most of it. I have to stay in the casino for the entire time of the contract—talk about a slave driver. Everyone speaks well of Mr. Simmons, the reclusive millionaire who owns the place, and while I’ve spoken to him twice, I’ve never met him. Apparently he isn’t well, and I’ll be dealing with the casino manager, Joe Smits, in his absence.
I’ve avoided relationships—I don’t want to be hurt the way my twin was—but my biological clock must be ticking loudly. Just before Labor Day, I met a guy in the park, a man with an interest in dinosaurs, and I can’t forget him even though I haven’t the faintest idea where to find him. I hope everything works out. I wish I’d gotten that guy’s full name. 

Garth Joseph Smits Simmons the Third

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Hi, you can call me Joe. I’m the heir to the Simmons fortune and the owner of the Ocean Front Casino. I also have a phobia of the media and anyone knowing who I really am. I’m lonely and would give anything to find someone who could love me for me—not my bank account. I was in Philadelphia late last summer and met the woman of my dreams. She’s beautiful and funny. She loves dinosaurs. She walked me to a shelter and then got in a cab and drove away. I was ready to hire a detective to find her when she fell into my lap again—well, not exactly. You see, I want something different for my newest resort, and I chose Eleni Baxter’s designs for the Halloween extravaganza. Imagine my surprise when I realized Eleni Baxter and my blonde were one and the same. Now, I signed her to an exclusive four-month contract, and I’m going to see if she can fall in love with me—plain old Joe Smits. Won’t she be excited when she learns who I really am?

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Character Meet and Greet with Author Misty Matthews 

Coming Home, Book One, Taking a Chance on Love is the first in a series of books about the
people of Chance, Arizona, a small town set on the edge of the Sonora Desert. It’s also set against the Christmas Holiday Season. Here’s a bit about the main characters.

Alana Stewart

Hello, so nice to meet you at this busy time of year. I rode my new motorcycle all the way from Austin, Texas to Chance. I’ve come home for Christmas—only because my mother guilted me into it, but I suppose seeing my kid sister, Melody, her baby girl, Isabelle, and Mom and Dad will be worth it—as long as Mom doesn’t spend the entire holiday making me feel bad about one thing or another. You know how moms can be. My life is in Austin where I practice law with one of the city’s most prestigious firms. I’m hoping to make partner in the next year or so. When I left Chance, I had no intention of returning; in fact, this is my first time back, and from the stares I’m getting as I walk back to my ride, it hasn’t changed much. No doubt someone’s on the phone with Mom right now, telling her what a bad girl I’m being. I just left Tate’s bookstore—my old hang out. I’m sorry Mr. Tate wasn’t there, but his son, Connor, was. What a hunk of man-candy he is. Maybe he can help me pass the time until I can escape back to the city.

Connor Tate

Welcome to Tate’s Bookstore. I’m Connor. I took over the business from my dad a few years ago when I realized that life in the big city wasn’t for me. I make an excellent living under my pseudonym, J.T. Connor. I’m a best-selling author, but no one, other than my parents is aware of it. I value my privacy. I’m known as a recluse in literary circles, and I like the mystery it adds to my characters. I love Arizona and the desert and can’t imagine ever leaving it for more than short holidays now and then. I was blown away when Alana Stewart came in a few minutes ago. Talk about little girl all grown up. I mean she is hot—sizzling. That tight leather and her hair—man, I’m hard again just thinking about her. I’d better watch myself around her though. She’s a J.T. Connor fan and I almost lost it trying to explain why I have his recent books here for sale when they won’t be released until next week. She’s determined to ferret out my secret relationship with J.T. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her again, but nothing can come of it since she’s determined to stay away from Chance.

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting my Holiday magic series and mine and Misty's book, Coming Home. Merry Christmas to all.



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