In Too Deep (Others of Edenton) by Brandy L. Rivers Review

"Go bold or go home...Goddess!" 5 star *****  Hotness factor: Caliente!!! (get out of the kitchen, son) Disclaimer: The author did...

"Go bold or go home...Goddess!"
5 star ***** 

Hotness factor: Caliente!!! (get out of the kitchen, son)

Disclaimer: The author did NOT give me a copy of her novel in exchange of an honest review...and I couldn't be more grateful!

I didn't read the blurb before starting to read the book a mere few five days ago. I tend to do that sometimes in order to get completely sucked into the book. And oh boy did get sucked in or did I get sucked in!

 I'm doing this Canadian bird living in London thing right now. But here the telly is a bit if not a lot behind... No True Blood Season (...), I still haven't watched Supernatural season (...). Netflix has this great show called Hemlock Grove and I got a paranormal quick fix. 

Then I read In Too Deep.... Fallon and Brody literally crashed into each over and fell in love. The course of true love never did run smooth - William Shakespeare. I always had a thing for werewolves. Must be the not sucking your blood thing, or the walking in daylight thing or maybe the fact that they are NOT dead! Seriously... vampires suck! (pun intended) 

Brandy is a bold and smart writer. I wish I could be half as bold as she was, but I'm slowly getting there. For her first novel, she decided to go all the way (pun intended) and Brandy, you're better not back down in New Beginnings (the prequel). You got us hooked on stellar quality storytelling, great action sequences and lip biting  sex scenes. I have to mention those scenes that made me feel like a voyeur. I'm pretty sure, I was blushing in the tube while smiling and biting my lower lip (I'm all flushed just thinking about them). It didn't help that I was playing S&M and Locked Out of Heaven on the loop, "Your sex takes me to paradise...and it shows...yeah..." Bruno Mars.

I feel so lucky and privilege when I read such good work from other fellow writers.  Thank you for the one of best tube rides I've had in months! (pun so intended!)



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