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CRUEL INTENTIONS BY RIIVA WILLIAMS Genre: Young Adult It is funny how most people’s life starts and finish in an instant. We are born; we gr...


Genre: Young Adult

It is funny how most people’s life starts and finish in an instant. We are born; we grow up taking whatever life throws at us. Brie was far from an average student at Yale, with her twisted mind she wound people into doing what she wanted. With new friends, new enemies and new threats, she is about to have a college experience to die for.


It is funny how most people’s life starts and finish in an instant. We are born; we grow up taking whatever life throws at us. My name is Brie. I was born and raised in the small state of Rhode Island. I have two sisters and four brothers of which three died throughout the war in Iraq.
                 Being the youngest child, I got away with so much more than my older sisters could have. My parents are good Christian people; they go to church, bible study basically all the good stuff. After a while my sisters and I were not pushed to go because we were teenagers so they just stop forcing us to go, so I found other extracurricular activities to do with my time.
                As my teenage years were diminished, I graduated out of high school with honors and third in my class and got into Yale University.
                Wasn’t that expected?
                In my earlier years I learnt how the guilty pleasures of sex can consume one’s life very quickly, and with mommy and daddy being the good Christian people that they are, I had to make up some very convincing stories when I crossed the line of coming home late to the O’Hara house hold. Lord knows I was crazy and willful.
                 My freshman year at Yale, I knew I had made it.  As I walked unto that campus I knew it was a new beginning, new academic challenges, new friends, new enemies and most of all new dick! 
                Already I saw the Greek organizations Alpha Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha Psi putting it down for the younger male crowd. Over on the other side if the yard Delta Sigma Theta and Zeta Phi Beta, strolled it out.
                 Although they were awesome at what they do they didn’t really interest me to stick it out in the ninety-eight degree weather. As I reached the sign in table I noticed one of the finest brothers
                I ever saw in my twenty-three years of life. The first thing I noticed on him was his hazel gray eyes, a very unique combination. I knew he noticed me too by the crooked smile that he shot my way. I hurried and finished my signup sheet and walked away with one the resident assistants.
                I thought would never see him any time soon, I moved my things into my room, met the world’s most annoying roommate and I went for a very invigorating run. With my music in my ears I was dead to the world, I was invincible or so I thought until I missed a step and went hurling into this broad back and knocked us both over.
                “Miss, Miss are you ok?” I heard the sexy voice.
                I didn’t want to open my eyes but I kept hearing that southern accent in my head. Slowly I open my eyes one by one, it was the same brother from earlier I almost wet my panties just from watching him.
                “Am I in heaven?” I knew it was a stupid question but I couldn’t help it. I had to make him send that smile my way again.
                He helped me off the ground and by that time his boys were crowding around, I figured that they all wanted to get a glance of whom he was speaking to and making him laugh so much.
                “What’s your name?” I asked him.
                “Richard Barns but my boys call me Rich.”
                “Alright my name is Brie O’Hara.” I extended my hand, which he took.
                “Hmm, Brie I like that very cute.” He was flirting already but I decided to keep him on a run for his money.
                “Nice to meet you Rich and thanks for breaking my fall but I have to get going.”
                 “Anytime mama anytime.” With that my music was back into my ears and I was off.

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About the Author

Riiva Williams was born on March 7th 1989 in the US Virgin Islands. She is the mother of one energetic little boy with high expectations and dreams. Riiva graduated from NECI and Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island with degrees in Culinary Arts, and from the Kaplan University in Chicago, IL with her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition Science.
Currently Riiva is studying at the Kaplan University with a pending degree in Business Management for she would like to run her own business one day. One of her main goals right now is to complete her first novel and to continue the trend. In her spare time she throws herself into poetry as it helps her relieve stress and she gets to promote another creative side to herself.
Poetry always has been her life and she has been writing poetry since the age of 12, today she has written over 166 pieces and will continue to grow in her writing.


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